The Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is
commonly known as the “game
of human chess”. This comes
from its emphasis on strategy
and technique.

Our BJJ classes are focused on developing the grappling skills that have made BJJ famous as a martial art.

Why is BJJ so famous?

A quick review of BJJ helps to see why it is such an integral part of martial arts development. It was initially made famous in November 1993 when Royce Gracie from Brazil won the inaugural UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championships.
Most of the top mixed martial arts competitors today have either a black belt in BJJ or are trained by a black belt. The skill of this art is now ‘required knowledge’ for anyone in competitive martial arts.

Why learn BJJ?

The skills of BJJ are transferrable to real life self-defence, and anyone with skills in this art is immediately more confident.
The unique positions make it very adaptable to ladies self-defence, and the use of leverage allows a skilled practitioner to dominate a much stronger and bigger opponent.
Most BJJ classes incorporate sparring, which allows us to practice the skills and techniques of BJJ against a fully resistant opponent.

Why learn BJJ at Kinetic Martial Arts?

We have a strong focus on injury prevention and taking care of each other – Before we roll (i.e. BJJ sparring) we’ll check on injuries. BJJ is a contact sport and so injury is possible, but we constantly keep this at the front of mind to make sure we keep it to a minimum in our club! We consider it everyone’s responsibility to make sure no injuries occur in any class. Each of our classes also incorporates stretching, which is essential for BJJ as it helps stop any injuries on that day, but the long terms effects of flexibility will help avoid injuries down the track as well.
We focus on one area of the BJJ game at a time. BJJ is a HUGE martial art. For a beginner it can be somewhat daunting at the start.

Focusing on one aspect at a time is particularly good for beginners to BJJ as it helps them relate the technique from that day to the technique from previous lessons. It’s for this reason that Kinetic BJJ is particularly good at teaching the fundamentals of BJJ and a great place to begin BJJ.
The art of BJJ focuses on ground grappling skills. At Kinetic Martial Arts we also run Hapkido classes, which is predominately a stand-up martial art with take-downs. This is a perfect complimentary style of training.

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Training with us is a great decision whether this will be your first time in a Dojang (meaning martial arts gym), or if you are getting back into it after a break. Many of our members have found that in just a few months they have improved their strength, fitness and flexibility, all whilst developing authentic and practical martial arts skills and techniques.

See you on the mats!
See you on the mats!