Master Trent

Master Trent

Chief Instructor, Master Trent has
been training for over 25 years
(and continues to do so)
and leads a team of over 10

About Master Trent

Master Trent started Kinetic Martial Arts with the help of his wife Tammy Madsen.
Master Trent continues his study in the martial arts and is now 6th Dan in Hapkido, 2nd Dan in Taekwondo, Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a qualified personal trainer with a Certificate IV in fitness. He has studied and holds rank in other arts including Judo, Aikido and Japanese Jiu Jitsu.
Master Trent has devoted his life to the martial arts and assisting others be the very best they can be, both on and off the mats.
Master Trent teaches most senior belt classes, all instructor sessions and over 20 of the clubs general classes every week. You can also also find him at gradings and doing the odd seminar at other dojangs around NSW sharing his experience.

Master Trent


The rules here have been with us since the start
Our school rules truly reflect the culture which is embedded in our club:

  • Never Initiate Conflict
  • Respect Your Instructor and Black Belts
  • Respect and Pride for the Dojang
  • Respect your Training Partners
  • Respect Yourself

Core Beliefs

Master Trent, founder of Kinetic Martial Arts, firmly believes that will power is a muscle that can be trained, and that when developed can allow us to change our habits, and as such the course of our lives.
Because of this belief, those that train at Kinetic often find that they get a lot more out of their training than they put in. They will surely learn superior self-defence skills, and they can be involved in many other activities within the club, but the greatest gift that Kinetic Martial Arts gives is the development of will power. This empowers our members to set goals and achieve them in all areas of their life – not only martial arts. Being part of our club is often a life-changing experience.

Master Trents main instructors are:


Master Sung Soo Lee in

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Richard Norton

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Training with us is a great decision whether this will be your first time in a Dojang (meaning martial arts gym), or if you are getting back into it after a break. Many of our members have found that in just a few months they have improved their strength, fitness and flexibility, all whilst developing authentic and practical martial arts skills and techniques.

See you on the mats!
See you on the mats!