(kids 6 - 8 years)

The key focus for this age group
is fun and discipline.

Our Eagles class is designed for kids 6 – 8 years of age. The key focus for this age group is fun and discipline.

Children will be introduced to different techniques derived from authentic martial arts but altered slightly to make them safer and more accessible to children’s training.

Children in this class will be introduced to short-term goals and how they can work towards medium-term goals.

"Master Trent has a deep understanding of technique and how it should be applied, allowing him to create a unique involvement that attracts both new and experienced practitioners alike. He is energetic, extremely student focused and very disciplined. All of the trainers I have encountered at Kinetic are intensely pro-active and absolutely committed to the success of their students. However our lives continue to evolve, one thing will remain - the power of strength, fitness and flexibility."
Adam S.
I have been training with Master Trent and his team for three years and have also joined my three sons. I really like being able to train with my sons occasionally and personally I have never trained at a martial arts club that encourages and motivates its members like Kinetic. I have previously trained in different martial arts and have never wanted to succeed in training as much as at Kinetic. I am looking forward to another three years minimum of training and personal improvement at Kinetic.
Chris R
Ever since my friend introduced me to Kinetic back in 2016, I fell in love in love with it. The instructors help me out a lot with my strikes, kicks, grappling, census and signatures. Sir Trent is a great master, he supports me and everyone else in the club and same with the instructors. I love training here! Thank's for the great experience Sir Trent and instructors!
Tori M

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Training with us is a great decision whether this will be your first time in a Dojang (meaning martial arts gym), or if you are getting back into it after a break. Many of our members have found that in just a few months they have improved their strength, fitness and flexibility, all whilst developing authentic and practical martial arts skills and techniques.

See you on the mats!
See you on the mats!